Kalbar are a junior mining company that makes its money trying to develop mines that are too small for Rio Tinto and the other large miners.

While they have exploration licences at Mossiface and Glenaladale, they have stated they will not pursue the Mossiface licence because the ore deposit is lower grade and the area is too closely settled. Their primary interest in mineral sands mines in East Gippsland is at Glenaladale, an area they have condescendingly referred to having just a few sheep farmers. They have recently applied for mineral sands mining licences that extend as far west as the Stockdale and Boisdale areas.

The community’s experience with Kalbar has been marred by their twisting of the facts, refusal to answer straightforward questions, changing stories and general disrespect for the concerns of the vast majority of locals.


residents protesting

Weekly Times Dec 2014

It’s worth reading Kalbar’s responses to the journalist’s questions – they changed significantly at an April meeting held at the local hall

Kalbar announcement of the Dec 14 meeting (This is a good article to play “spot the difference” between what Kalbar claims happened at the meeting and what the 100 locals who were there heard and saw.)

December 2015

The community has been appalled to learn that Kalbar has purchased one of the ‘blue gum’ blocks at the Fingerboards. There appears to be a lot of skulduggery behind the purchase, as the block’s availability was never made publicly known. We can’t help but wonder which of our ‘non-representatives’ are smoothing the way for these environmental and cultural vandals, and indeed, what the ‘benefits’ have been obtained for doing so. We also wonder about the stupidity of pursuing a mine where the disadvantages so clearly and patently outweigh any short-term advantages



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