Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeill, candidate for East Gippsland Shire.
Vote one for an ethical approach to open-cut sand mining at Glenaladale.
“Open cut sand mining is the next economic, social and environmental issue to challenge the communities of East Gippsland,” Jeff said today.
“Kalbar Resources is a mining enterprise aiming to convince the authorities that sand mining is safe for human health, safe for the environment and would strengthen East Gippsland’s economy.”
Jeff said: “I supported banning coal seam gas mining for perpetuity on the basis it was a scourge on society. It would impair the health of people. It would pollute the underground water supply with toxins. The infrastructure and pipelines would scar the landscape and impact on the tourism potential of our pristine coast and Gippsland Lakes.
“Like unconventional onshore gas mining, the proposed open-cut sand mining at Glenaladale places our environment, our water supply, our health and our vegetable growing and processing industries at risk.”
“Kalbar Resources is proposing to act as brokers and sell mining licenses that would be mined continuously for up to 50 years. These licenses may well be sold to more than one mining company. Each company will excavate 40 hectares and remove 20 metres of top material; and stockpile it until ready to return it into the open-cut.”
“The mining company will remove the next 20 metres of mineral sands; and at the same time separate the radioactive material and stockpile it, to be placed back in the open-cut hole.”
“An excavation of 40 metres depth takes the open cut within 1.5 metres of the water table in the most highly concentrated area of the mineral sand deposit. It is intended that the radioactive waste will be deposited somewhere either close to the water table, or near to the surface.
“Keep in mind that Kalbar Resources is proposing to use the hole for a water reserve for irrigation. Do we want to risk our underground water supply, our catchments, our rivers, our food supplies and our vegetable growing industries by depositing radioactive waste material into a crater used as a water supply for agricultural needs?” Jeff asked.
“I do not support open-cut mineral sands mining in Glenaladale. I am not convinced it is a safe industry for East Gippsland. Strong leadership and fearless representation is essential and for this reason I seek your support to be re-elected,” Jeff said.