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Time to comment has been extended to 22nd May.

Comments should be sent to epbc.referrals@environment.gov.au

The documents are no longer on the Department’s website but you can find copies on this page. The Department is primarily interested in matters of national environmental significance such as effects on Rivers and Ramsar Wetlands and impacts on threatened species and the habitat of migratory birds. Email us if you want some information on how to comment.




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2 Ecological Characterisation - Main

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Transport route options



Project location - misplaced Bairnsdale Dargo Road


2 Ecological Characterisation - Main


Environment Protection Policy





Ramsar impacts2017-7919 Referral-Attach-ehp_figures_3of3 (1)Mitchell River impactInvitation for comment


2 Ecological Characterisation - Main



Victorian EES Referral