Wellington Shire – North Ward
Candidate Position on mine
Carmel Ripper
Carmel Crossley  Believes that Council’s role is limited to advising State government and Kalbar of community concerns. Believes the EES must consider a range of factors including dust, noise, radiation , water, etc. Believes that if commercialisation of the deposit occurs it should not be at the expense of the local community.
Keith Mills Opposed to CSG and fracking. With mineral sands advises caution and listening to informed views of locals. Concerned there may be detrimental effects on neighbouring farms and nature based tourism. Would want to see upfront a demonstrated capacity to rehabilitate land, adequate/satisfactory compensation.
Malcolm Hole
Peter Cleary
Wellington Shire – Central Ward
Candidate Position on mine
Andrew McDonald  Does not support any mining that would/will affect the lifestyles of residents of Gippsland.
Darren McCubbin
David Strauss
Ian Bye
Kathy Anne Mansfield
Michael Rowell
Patrick McIvor
Roger Lurz
Scott Rosetti
Wellington Shire – Coastal Ward
Candidate Position on mine
Alan Hall
Bob Wenger
Garry Stephens
Gayle Maher  Does not support the mine and wishes MFG well with campaign. Concerns include impact on the environment, loss of habitat and impact on roads of increased traffic.
Margaret Desira
Saul Stainer