What you can do to stop the proposed mineral sands mine from going ahead at Glenaladale


1. Read the Flyer, print it and give copies to your friends  MFG flyer February 2018  

2. Contact your representatives on Council and demand to know what they are doing to represent ratepayers. (Check on this site to see what each of them had to say about the mine before election.) Emails and letters to councillors are intercepted by Council staff who advise the Councillors of the response to be made. Phone the if you want to talk to the directly    https://www.eastgippsland.vic.gov.au/About_Us/Your_Council/Councillors

3. Write to the CEO and decision-makers of East Gippsland Shire – tell them what you think and ask them how they are considering locals interest. Ask them who is on the Fingerboards Project Technical Reference Group and what level of expertise and experience they have in this area and how you can get them to represent local interests  to the TRG  and decisionmakers   https://www.eastgippsland.vic.gov.au/About_Us/Your_Council/Management_Structure

4. Express your views/concerns:Phone, visit or write to your local MPs – Darren Chester (Federal Government is involved because of the high environmental values of the area – including RAMSAR Wetlands –  and risks from the mine), and the relevant ministers.


Local Member, Hon Tim Bull             Tim.bull@parliament.vic.gov.au

Legislative Council Member for Eastern Victoria (Harriet Shing – Labour)  harriet.shing@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister for Water, Hon Lisa Neville           lisa.neville@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister for Environment, Hon Lily D’Ambrosio     lily.d’ambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister for Planning, Hon Richard Wynne        richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister for Agriculture & Regional Affairs, Jaala Pulford        Jaala.pulford@parliament.vic.gov.au

Victorian Treasurer & Minister for Resources, Tim Pallas      tim.pallas@parliament..vic.gov.au

Earth Resources Regulation, Ross McGowan          ross.mcgowan@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Impact assessment – Dept of Environment Land and Water       environment.assessment@delwp.vic.gov.au

Darren Chester – Federal Member for Gippsland   darren.chester@parliament.vic.gov.au


5. It’s an election year – do your best to get letters in the local or state papers

6. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/minefreeglenaladale/

7. Donate to our fighting fund  t (printing, brochures, displays, etc are very expensive and we need all the help we can get)  https://www.gofundme.com/7xvkdd3w

8. Sign and share our online petition @ change.org    https://www.change.org/p/tim-pallas-minister-for-resources-protecting-our-farmland-environment-and-rural-communities-from-mining-companies







Our Frequently Asked Questions and brochure gives some of the reasons we are concerned about one going ahead at Glenaladale.

brochure coverhelp us


Sign the petition to ensure Kalbar have to do an Environmental Effects Statement. (Petitions have been left at a number of businesses in Bairnsdale and Lindenow but you can contact us at minefreeglenaladale@gmail.com if you don’t know where to find a copy.)

Download a copy of the petition from this site and get signatures from friends and colleagues.

Email or write to – Victorian State Minister for Energy and Resources, The Honourable Lily D’Ambrosio MP voicing your opposition to the granting of a licence for the proposed mineral sands mine at Glenaladale. (Refer to Retention Licence 2026)
Address: Level 36, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000                                              Email: lily.d’ambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au (CC your local MPs and opposition members).


Email or write to the Victorian State Minister for Planning, The Honourable Richard Wynne MP,  to request that Kalbar be required to conduct a full Environmental Effects Statement relating to the proposed Glenaladale (and Mossiface) mines. (CC your local MPs and members of the opposition)                                                                                               Address: Level 16, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne, VIC 3002                                         Email: richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

Email or write to Harriet Shing MLC for Eastern Victoria to request that she take the concerns of people opposing any mineral sands to the Ministers for Planning and Energy and Resources, and that in her capacity as a member of the Parliamentary Environment and Planning Committee, take steps to bring mining under the jurisdiction of the Minister for Planning to ensure activities complement or add to the social, economic and environmental well-being of the area in which they are to occur.                   Address: Ground Floor, 216 Commercial Road, Morwell, VIC 3840                                                Email: harriet.shing@parliament.vic.gov.au

For more information/discussion join the minefreeglenaladale Facebook page

Key Issues for letters to politicians, councillors and government departments

You can say something as simple as

I request that the Minister not issue a mining licence at Glenaladale due to the negative impacts on existing sustainable industries and businesses, and the potential negative impacts on waterways that will result if the proposed mine proceeds.

The brochure and the FAQ sheet show many of minefreeglenadale’s concerns about inappropriate mining in the area. Some other ideas you might like to consider including are below:

Impacts on Waterways

  • The proposed mine’s location on undulating country with unstable soils and proximity to the Mitchell  River raises serious issues about erosion, sedimentation and contamination.
  • The potential contamination and sedimentation will impact on river and aquifer health, aquatic life and the supply of water for the City of Bairnsdale and surrounds,  domestic, agriculture and horiculture purposes and threaten the recreational fishing industry.

Clearing of Vegetation

  • The proposed mine will require the removal of hundreds and hundreds of mature trees that will make it impossible to return the land to a state suitable for sheep and cattle grazing due to the absence of shade and shelter trees.

Economic Issues

  • The financial viability of the mineral sands mine is very questionable given the potentially low yields for the amount of earth moved and the operational costs involved.
  • No permanent employment will result from the mine, and even the temporary employment generated by the mine will be limited. Royalties paid to the State government will be far less than the negative impacts on existing, sustainable industries, in particular the very important Lindenow Flats vegetable growing area and the numerous sheep and cattle properties that will be adversely affected by the mine.
  • The Fingerboards area is an iconic area in East Gippsland that is used by locals, school buses, tourists, 4 Wheel Drive clubs, motorcyclists and cycling groups that will all be negatively impacted by operations within the area and the massive increase in B Double trucks transporting the HMC.
  • Existing infrastructure, including the proposed trucking route, is patently inadequate to support such a development.


We are also raising money to raise awareness about the issues and to source truly independent review and reports on the EES. You can support us by donating at

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