This is a forum for people who don’t want Glenaladale destroyed by open-cut or other mining.

Please help us with our fight – your $s will go towards publicity, communication with other affected communities, sourcing truly independent research (as opposed to that put up by mining companies), forcing a full, transparent and proper EES process and legal costs. What we can do here, will help every other community in East Gippsland and Victoria that is under threat from inappropriate mining.

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You can see more on our facebook page and if you’re keen to get involved contact us at minefreeglenaladale@gmail.com

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  1. I grew up in Coongulmerang , I have Lindenow blood running through me everyday and I’m appalled our rural community’s going to be ruined for a short term gain. Ruined by dust, dirty water and extra traffic on our peacefull country roads.
    They’ll not be employing locals, supporting our commercial facilities, joining our community with kids in the schools, sporting clubs and drinking in our pub.
    Keep away


    1. Thanks for your comment James. (And apologies for the delay in getting back to you) We couldn’t agree more about the ruination of our peaceful environment. We are working hard to stop this mine and have a number of actions in train. The granting of the retention licence has been a major disappointment, but we are getting the word out more widely, starting to run tours of the area for councillors, politicians and anyone else who is interested, and will be promoting any upcoming Council election candidates who are opposed to the mine. We hope you’re following our facebook page. It is updated more often than the blog. Kind regards. Mine-free Glenaladale


  2. I have property in the Dargo area so have travelled through Fingerboards area for many years. I was with a small group of candidates for EG shire when we were shown the extent of the mining proposal which I find appalling. If I can help after all this election stuff – elected or not,I will be pleased to,
    Linette Treasure


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