Some issues with the Douglas Mine – subsidence

The EES for the Douglas mine is worth reading to get an idea of what might be claimed with the proposed Fingerboards Mine and what might actually happen

Douglas EES Basin Minerals Dec 2001

Basin Minerals claimed subsidence wouldn’t happen – they were wrong. Post rehab subsidence has rendered previously level paddocks impossible to use boom sprays on for crops. And it continues to get worse with pockets of paddocks continuing to subside – especially around the edges of the mine pit. Farmers whose land was mined continue to pay the price while directors and shareholders have pocketed the profits.

From page 83 “vii) Soil Subsidence: Soil subsidence over time will not occur. Tailings placed in the pits will be shaped by earth moving equipment prior to placement of overburden and topsoil. Experience at other mineral sand operations has demonstrated that the soil profile does not subside over time.” WRONG



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