Objecting to new Exploration Licence applications

Unlike every other field of law, silence is taken as consent if people don’t object to mining licence applications. Please lodge objections  by 27/10/17.-

  1. online  http://earthresources.vic.gov.au/earth-resources-regulation/Contact-us/objections or 
  2. in writing to The Minister for Resources, c/- Team Leader Licensing, Statutory Authorisations and Technical Services, GPO Box 4509, Melbourne Victoria 3001

For more information go to http://earthresources.vic.gov.au/earth-resources-regulation/Contact-us/objections


Kalbar Resources has applied for more local exploration licences, including one that extends over more than 70% of the Lindenow Flats and covers land that currently supplies premium vegetables right across Australia and internationally. Lindenow vegetable farms are innovative and sustainable and are the backbone of our local economy, employing many hundreds of workers throughout the year and supporting multiple local businesses. Agricultural employment has a 4:1 multiplier, compared to mining’s 2:1 (and decreasing due to the expansion of automation).  Experiences in the Hunter Valley and Liverpool plains patently show that mining and agriculture cannot co-exist. Let’s hope that Victorian decision-makers actually demonstrate a better understanding of the importance of water, food and bio-security when they consider these applications and the objections.


Exploration Licence applications advertised in the Gippsland Times and the Bairnsdale Advertiser

EL006381   (108sq km) is to the north of the existing retention licence (RL2026)/ project area and extends from Beverleys Road in the West, North to the Mitchell River National Park and East nearly up to Settlement Road Hillside.  It covers all of the Mitchell River Flats (vegetables, dairy, beef etc) from Glenaladale to Lindenow.               

 EL006580   (44sq km)  is to the south of the existing retention licence/ proposed project area and begins just west of the Fernbank-Glenaladale Road and extends east nearly to Settlement Road Hillside.   It includes the area through to south of Rashs Lane (nearly to Fernbank).

EL006579   is a “small” area off the Stockdale-Fernbank Road near Providence Ponds.

EL006578   is an area on both sides of the Munro Stockdale Road, in between the Stockdale-Fernbank Road and Beverleys Road.

These descriptions are approximate as the licence areas are complicated.  For detailed information visit the Earth Resources Regulator’s site Mining Licences Near Me at:


Some were advertised in the Bairnsdale Advertiser 06/10/17 and all were advertised in The Gippsland Times.  Please lodge objections  by 27/10/17.- online  http://earthresources.vic.gov.au/earth-resources-regulation/Contact-us/objections

Although exploration licences are rarely refused, objections demonstrate that Kalbar does not have a social licence.  The number of objections received is noted by the regulating body (ERR).  Assumptions are made that people are in favour unless there are objections.

One thought on “Objecting to new Exploration Licence applications

  1. As a property owner in the East Gippsland ( and in this area), Please note my Objection to exploration licence applications as advertised in the Gippsland Times and the Barnsdale Advertiser
    (EL006381/ EL006580/ EL006579/ EL006578).


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